Multigages Industriales y Suministros de México, SA de CV, is a 100% Mexican company, which has the infrastructure of personnel and facilities, with the ability to meet the highest demands in products and instruments of dimensional measurement and repair services and Calibration It has highly qualified personnel for the solution of measurement and application needs of the equipment distributed and represented in Mexico, for which an equipment repair department was created..

The company has its own instrument calibration laboratory in the areas of dimension, hardness and optics. In turn, it has strategic alliances at its disposal for the calibration of equipment in the following areas: mass, pressure and vacuum, torque, temperature, humidity and force.

MGages will soon offer the 3-axis sizing service with the advanced technology of CMM Mitutoyo brand.

Make the sale, shipment, installation, training and calibration to your customers in the purchase of equipment such as durometers, roughness meters, optical comparators, etc. It has a group of engineers and architects dedicated to the design and construction of calibration, testing, quality control and testing laboratories.

MGages has a network of suppliers in the American Union which offer a range of more than 105,000 products that are available to meet your needs, together with an effective customs agent, which allows you to import any product from the branch in a period not greater 8 business days


Multigages Industriales y Suministros de México S.A. From C.V. We guarantee to its customers the consistency and efficiency of the after-sales services, its good performance and the calibration of the equipment that it sells.


Multigages Industriales y Suministros de México S.A. from C.V. He will seek to offer the best service to his clients, maintaining a high sense of quality in his standards to calibrate in the laboratory through continuous improvement and high-level training of his staff.